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From Stanford to the greater Bay Area

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The Stanford Connection

Stanford University students once invited the Party’s visionary leader Huey P. Newton to speak on campus, alongside Angela Davis, Harvey Milk and other social justice activists in 1978. And the connection continued for decades to come. In 1996, Stanford's archives received the official papers of the Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation. 


It is now time for Stanford students to honor the Party’s legacy for contemporary movements for racial and economic justice around the world. With an interdisciplinary and intersectional approach, this initiative encourages meaningful dialogue and intellectual exchange between Stanford students and faculty and local Bay Area community members.

The opinions and views expressed in this project represent those of the project members or their guests and not necessarily Stanford's.

Community Conversations

Share stories and ideas

Join us each month at our virtual conversation space to hear from Bay Area activists, artists, and scholars about their work.

Reading Groups

Learn from the sources

Read along with us each month as we peruse historical documents from the Black Panther Party and cutting-edge scholarship about the Party's history and legacy. 


Tune in to past and present

Listen to our 5-episode podcast series as we reflect on our events and expand on our conversations with local artists, scholars, archivists, and activists. 


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